TPS Events


In keeping with summer Community Policing initiatives, the Timmins Police Service – Youth in Policing team will be making the rounds in the days to come and distributing public safety literature door to door.
This week’s initiative will be focused on the importance of clearly visible house numbering. In emergent situations involving police, fire or ambulance responses, the ability to clearly locate a given address can be crucial to first responders.
The Timmins Police Service – Youth in Policing team will be in various neighborhoods to distribute literature to explain the importance of clearly visible and legible house numbering.
Their efforts will enhance public safety in terms of a quicker response by emergency services who respond to calls for service within the city of Timmins.
Quite often, house numbering that has fallen into disrepair or suffered neglect or being obscured by trees, plants or other yard ornaments pose an unnecessary hurdle for first responders to render assistance in emergencies,
The public’s cooperation is anticipated with the reminder that this is a by-law requirement where all property owners must comply with for their own benefit.