TPS Events


In the interests of public safety, the Timmins Police Service deployed its speed measuring trailer on King Street in Porcupine from August 23rd to September 6th in reference to a number of traffic complaints related to speeding in that area.
The data has been collected and analyzed by the Traffic Section at the Timmins Police Service.
Based on the data, a definite cause for concern clearly exists with motorists who indulge in speeding along King Street with the 85th percentile travelling at 67 km/hr in a posted 50 km/hr zone. Additionally, out of the 30,131 total vehicles whose speed was recorded, 25,407 were found to be travelling above the speed limit. This works out to 84.3 % of motorists using King Street are travelling above the posted speed limit. The highest speed recorded was 194 km/hr.
In response, platoon officers and Traffic Section officers will be conducting targeted enforcement in this area to alleviate this identified public safety issue.
A considerable number of residents in this area have small children or elderly relatives in their households and are concerned about motorists who engage in aggressive driving as this persistent behavior poses a threat to their safety.
A recent targeted enforcement was undertaken focused on radar enforcement on King Street on September 7th in response to this issue.
Speed monitoring was conducted along King Street in various locations along this roadway.
Three Provincial Offence Notices for speeding at a rate of 20 km/hr over the speed limit were issued in a relatively short period of time.
Motorists are also reminded of the enhanced penalties that are attached to Stunt Driving offences where excessive speeds can lead to driver’s licence suspensions and the impounding of vehicles.
The public has a legitimate expectation that roadways are safe environments where motorists will take their responsibilities seriously in order to reach their destination safely.
Those who do not, either by choice or willful neglect, risk the imposition of fines, demerit points, and potential suspensions.