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In keeping with ongoing community policing efforts, Timmins Police Sgt Shannan DelGuidice and Constable Burnett engaged with some local youngsters to promote public safety and making the “police” more accessible.

Both officers recently attended at the Mosaic Montessori school to read to the students.

The book of choice was “Officer Buckle & Gloria” which speaks about safety tips.

Afterwards, the officers spoke to the children about all the things that police officers do to make sure that everyone stays safe.

The kids loved learning about what most of  the equipment police officers carry actually does.

It goes without saying that being allowed to fire up the emergency lighting and sirens was a huge hit with the young and enthusiastic children present.

As always, the police car is big and exciting so when the chance came to ride in the back, the experience left them with a lasting impression.

They all agreed that this would be their “only” time back there.

The children could not believe how heavy sets of handcuffs actually are and they loved listening to the radio transmissions.

Cst. Burnett made time to take part in the presentation and spoke about the role the police play in protecting the young and the old and everyone in between

Well done officers !!

Officer Buckle and Gloria presentation Officer Buckle and Gloria presentation 2 Officer Buckle and Gloria presentation 3 Officer Buckle and Gloria presentation 4


** the photos were cleared with the school admin to allow for public usage on social media