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As part of Canada Road Safety Week, the Timmins Police Service took an active role in public education and enforcement aspects of this campaign.
Simply stated, this campaign was focused on saving lives and preventing injury by having local drivers address their comportment behind the wheel.
The Timmins Police Service is cautiously encouraged by the statistical outcome of the campaign in terms of no impaired driving charges.
That said, there is still room for improvement in regards to aggressive driving behaviors in our area.
Acting traffic Sergeant Mike Tambeau states in clearly.
“What stands out is the charges in relation to Speeding and the Use of Electronic Devices While Driving which are all too commonly linked to preventable collisions in Timmins. The statistical analysis clearly demonstrates what types of driving behaviors are observed by our officers on an ongoing basis. The Timmins Police Service will continue to diligently address Highway Traffic Act infractions committed in the city of Timmins in its continuing efforts to enhance traffic safety. This is a high priority with the Timmins Police Service. Your police service will continue to do all it can to achieve greater roadway safety. The motoring public is called upon to do their part as well.”