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Helmets On campaign kicks off


Children on their bicycles this summer may be handed a ticket from a Timmins Police officer, but not for breaking the law.

The annual Helmets On campaign kicked off on Friday, July 21 in Timmins. The campaign sees children being rewarded for wearing properly fitting bicycle helmets. Children seen wearing their helmets may be stopped and handed one of several prizes, which include free passes to Neo Laser Tag, Hollinger Mini-Putt, or the Archie Dillon Sportsplex pool. Adults are encouraged to wear their helmets as well, with a chance to be entered in a draw for a free car detailing from James Used.

Constable Rick Lemieux said that while police are known to hand out tickets for different types of infractions, the campaign is a great way to provide some positive reinforcement to kids for abiding by the law.

“This morning alone, I handed out 13 passes to kids wearing their helmets,” he explained. “So they are being worn, which is great. The campaign is that extra incentive for everyone, adults included, to make sure they wear bike helmets.”

Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario cyclists under the age of 18 must wear a bicycle helmet. For those under the age of 16 who do not abide by the law, a parent or guardian will be the one to receive the fine.

The Timmins Police Service thanks community and business sponsors Neo Laser Tag, Hollinger Mini Putt, James Used, the City of Timmins, and the Porcupine Health Unit. Parents/guardians may attend at the Porcupine Health Unit any time to ensure their children’s bicycle helmets fit properly.

The Helmets On campaign runs through the rest of the summer.