The impact of suicide and other mental health crises on our community and those impacted directly by suicide in terms of loss of family members, friends and colleagues is real and cannot be ignored.

The Timmins Police joins the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention and other like minded community groups in promoting awareness and education regarding persons at risk of self harm.

Every year, 160 million people worldwide contemplate suicide and, tragically, 800,000 of them die by suicide.

This means that more than 159 million people mange to survive suicide related crises every year due to intervention or seeking out assistance independently.

There is no reason that anyone has to die by suicide and, if, as a community, we all do our part, we can prevent these types of deaths and the devastating impact they possess.

On a daily basis, members of the Timmins Police Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team attend to persons at risk of suicide or other forms of self harm.

This dedicated team, composed of experienced professionals: a mental health nurse and a seasoned police officer, respond to calls for service or proactively engage persons at risk in order to render assistance.

The tragedies that are averted by means of their compassionate intervention speaks to their level of commitment.

Timmins Police officers walking the beat, or responding to calls regarding mental health issues, depend of the Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team to deploy themselves readily and enthusiastically

in order to quell those situations and address the immediate mental health needs of people in crisis.

The Timmins Police remains committed to the mental health needs of individuals at risk of self harm and contributing to the reduction of tragic circumstances involving suicide.