Traffic Unit

The Timmins Police Service’s traffic unit ensures the roadways are safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Through various Federal, Provincial and Municipal acts, the traffic unit strives to meet this responsibility using education and enforcement.

The Timmins Police Service traffic unit is responsible for:

  • Administration and oversight of the RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) program
  • RADAR training
  • ATV and snowmobile training
  • All follow-up investigations arising from Collision Reporting Centre reports
  • Administration and oversight of the Aggressive Driver Hotline
  • Traffic-related in-service training
  • Technical collision investigation
  • Approval of collision reports
  • Entry and oversight of all POA (Provincial Offences Act) charges

The traffic unit is a four-person unit comprised of a sergeant, two constables, and a clerk. This unit is dedicated to traffic enforcement and the investigation/prosecution of the more serious collisions and offences.

The members of the traffic unit also train new officers of the proper operation of the Service’s snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, as well as train platoon officers with respect to some of the less frequently used sections of the Highway Traffic Act and other provincial statutes.

The traffic unit is the first line of response for the various traffic-related complaints relayed to the Service through our website and aggressive driver hotline. These complaints are often centered around aggressive drivers, speeding, distracted drivers, school bus stop-arm violations and commercial motor vehicles.

The traffic unit continues to spearhead specific traffic initiatives, including targeting speeding in community safety zones, enforcement of commercial motor vehicle laws, impaired driving and adherence to stop signs and traffic lights.