Policing Services

Policing services are divided into functional divisions and major sections. Our units comprise of

Business Owners and private property owners with security systems are encouraged to provide key holder information to the Timmins Police Service to streamline responses to calls of this nature.

The attached form should be completed and forwarded to

jennifer.scott@timmins.ca or mailed to the Timmins Police Service marked for her attention

New or Existing Business Updated Information-website form.27mar2017

For information regarding our policing services contact us at:

185 Spruce Street South
Timmins, Ontario P4N 2M7
Telephone: (705) 264-1201
FAX: (705) 360-2697
Email: police@timmins.ca
Website: www.timminspolice.ca

Do not use e-mail for emergency police requests.

Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Duties of Police Officers

  • Protecting life and preventing injury
  • Protecting property
  • Preserving the peace
  • Preventing crimes and other offences and providing assistance and encouragement to other persons in their prevention
  • Assisting victims of crime
  • Apprehending criminals and other offenders and others who may lawfully be taken into custody
  • Laying charges and participating in prosecutions
  • Executing warrants that are to be executed by police officers and performing related duties
  • Performing the lawful duties that the chief of police assigns
  • Enforcing municipal by-laws
  • Completing prescribed training

Police have the legislated authority to arrest persons, to search and to seize property, and they may use reasonable force in the execution of their duties.