The Timmins Police Service is proud to offer enhanced protective services in terms of a Vulnerable Persons Registry which will focus on the safety level being afforded to registrants so that, in cases involving a police response, vital information can be distributed more efficiently to first responders.

When an incident of a vulnerable person with a neurocognitive disorder or intellectual or developmental challenges wanders or becomes displaced or lost, the initial response by the Timmins Police Service is critical.

It is vital for the Timmins Police Service and other emergency response personnel to have ready access to viable and current information regarding the nature of a person’s disorder, physical description, recent photo, and other pertinent details that will assist in locating them, should they become lost or displaced.

All persons responsible for the care of vulnerable persons are encouraged to register these persons on the Timmins Police Service – Vulnerable Persons Registry as a proactive measure to enhance the safety and wellbeing of such persons residing in the city of Timmins.

Once registered, all pertinent information will be collected discreetly and remain private and treated as sensitive information in keeping with existing standards and practices governing such material.

When called upon in response to a report of a lost or wandering person, the information will be readily available to the Timmins Police Service and other first responders so that a more efficient response can be undertaken.

Time and energy devoted to collecting the initial details about a missing vulnerable person can be deployed towards locating that person more effectively when the vital data is already at the disposal of the Timmins Police Service.

The safety of all citizens is a priority for the Timmins Police Service.  Vulnerable Persons are of particular concern and this registry hopes to serve as a police resource to manage calls for service involving them so that, in response to emergent situations, efforts to locate a vulnerable person by the Timmins Police Service will be timely and effective.


The Timmins Police Service is proud to engage in offering this service as part of community partnership with:

Victim’s Services – Timmins and District

Crime Stoppers – District of Cochrane

Seizure and Brain injury Centre – Timmins

Downloadable forms pertinent to the Vulnerable Person Registry are being added to the Timmins Police ( webpage to allow for information to be gathered electronically as well.

Vulnerable Person Registry Consent and Form 

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