IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED for Criminal Record Checks

In order for us to release or confirm confidential information regarding a person’s criminal record, or lack thereof, we require sufficient proper identification to verify a person’s identity. This identification must be presented in person to be physically verified by the Timmins Police Service.

For the purposes of a criminal records check, a police records check, or a vulnerable sector check, we require the following identification.

Each applicant must provide two (2) pieces of valid, government-issued identification. One (1) piece of identification must include a photo, name, date of birth and signature. The following is a list of valid identification that could be considered acceptable forms of photo identification:

Photo identification
*NOTE* Health cards cannot be accepted for identification purposes under the Health Cards and Numbers Control Act, 1991, Section 2.2(1). Social Insurance cards are not to be photocopied and therefore are also unacceptable.

  • Driver’s license (including drivers licenses issued by another province, territory, or a foreign jurisdiction
  • BYID card
  • Canadian or foreign passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Possession and Acquisition License (or PAL card)
  • Permanent Residency Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind identification card
  • Canadian Military Employment Card or Canadian Military Family Identification Card
  • Ontario Photo Identification Card (new – available from Ministry of Transportation)

The following are acceptable forms of non-photo identification:

  • Birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Hunting license
  • Outdoors card
  • Canadian Blood Donor card
  • Immigration papers

What if I don’t have sufficient identification?

For the purposes of obtaining a criminal records check as well as a police records check, if an applicant does not have any photo identification, then the applicant will have to submit fingerprints to the RCMP, who will either issue a certificate stating the applicant has no record or provide with a copy of the record if one exists. This may take 4-6 months. The R.C.M.P. charges a fee for this service. Visit the RCMP website at