Police Record Checks (Forms available for download)

Applicants are required to deliver their completed record check form in person to the Timmins Police Service Monday to Friday between 8:30am – 4:00pm.  We are open during the lunch hour.  We will not accept forms submitted by a third party.

Applicant Fact Sheet (click here for more info)

The Timmins Police Service offers three levels of record checks:

1) Police Criminal Record Check (click here for more info)

Form (Download here)

2) Police Information Check (click here for more info)

Form (Download here)

3) Police Vulnerable Sector Check (click here for more info)

Form (Download here)


Self-declaration of a criminal record is a process where you may declare your adult criminal record convictions to the police service.  The Timmins Police Service will confirm if the information matches a criminal record contained within the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records.  If we are not satisfied that your declared criminal record information is a match to a criminal record held at the repository, fingerprints are required at an additional cost.

Do NOT declare:

  • A conviction for which you received a record suspension (pardon)
  • A conviction where you were a “young person”
  • Absolute or Conditional Discharges
  • Any offences where you were not convicted
  • Provincial or municipal offences (i.e. – traffic tickets)
  • Any charges dealt with outside Canada

Self Declaration Form (Download here)


You may be requested to submit fingerprints for two reasons:

  • You have a criminal record and have requested a record check (see Criminal Record below)
  • Your date of birth and gender match that of a person listed in the pardoned sex offender list and fingerprints are required to determine identity (see Vulnerable Sector below)

Fingerprinting services are provided at Timmins Police Service for volunteer/employment purposes.  Those applying for a record check will be contacted if fingerprints are required.  If fingerprints are required to complete your record check, they must be completed in the City of Timmins only.

Members of the public may attend Timmins Police Service on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY between 8:30am – 11:00am & 1:00pm-3:30pm based on availability.  The cost for fingerprints is $45 plus a $25 RCMP fee.  For confirmed volunteers, the cost is $45.00 and the RCMP fee is waived.

Fingerprints for Criminal Record

Applicants who have a criminal record and did not self-declare the charges on the self-declaration form, will be required to submit fingerprints so the Timmins Police Service can confirm a criminal record is held at the Criminal Record Repository of the RCMP.  Applicants are NOT required to be fingerprinted for:

  • A conviction for which the applicant has received a pardon
  • A conviction where the applicant was a “young person” under the YCJA
  • Absolute or Conditional Discharges
  • Any offences for which the applicant was not convicted
  • Provincial or municipal offences
  • Any charges dealt with outside of Canada

Fingerprints for Vulnerable Sector Checks

These checks are typically required for coaches involved in minor sports, day care providers, health care providers, those involved in teaching, etc. Applicants requiring this type of record check are scrutinized through a more rigorous screening process, which will result in more applicants being identified as potential match resulting in delays in receiving their record check.  Therefore, applicants should ensure they allow ample time to process the request should this situation arise.

Applicants who are impacted will receive a phone call from Timmins Police Service explaining the steps that must be followed for their Vulnerable Sector check to be completed.  They will be required to attend Timmins Police Service to have their fingerprints taken.  Fingerprints will then be submitted to the RCMP to confirm or refute the potential match.  It should be noted that a potential match can result from a person having the same gender and date of birth as a known offender, which in nearly all cases will be ruled out by a fingerprint comparison.

Release of Completed Police Record Check

We will provide the results of a completed Police Criminal Record Check and Police Information Check only to you, the applicant.  Photo identification will be requested when you pick up your record check.  It is your decision to discuss the results of the record check with the agency where you want to work or volunteer.

Reconsideration Request Process

If you wish to request reconsideration on any information disclosed on the Police Record Check, you may apply in writing to Susanne Colantonio, 185 Spruce Street South, Timmins, Ontario P4N 2M7.