The Timmins Police Service will be changing the procedure with regard to police criminal record checks beginning November 1st, 2018 to comply with the Provincial Police Record Check Reform Act (PRCRA) and its regulations which is enacted as of November 1, 2018.

Of note, the PRCRA will further restrict the disclosure of police record checks that contain youth records as defined by the Federal Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).  As of November 1st:

  • If your organization currently requests applicants under the age of 18 provide a record check, the applicant will no longer receive a record check nor will any YCJA findings of guilt be released.
  • If your organization currently requests adult applicants, to provide a record check, YCJA findings of guilt will not be released, however any adult dispositions will be released as allowed for under the PRCRA.
  • Government organizations at the municipal, provincial or federal levels will receive any disclosable YCJA records for all applicants, directly through the mail.

Please refer to the attached information sheet for further information regarding the PRCRA and how it may affect your organization.

The record check will also have a slightly different appearance as we try to make the form consistent across the province.  The new application form is available online and in person at the Timmins Police Station.  Online and in-person applications on and after November 1st will have the new look and new rules applied.

As always, a police records check is just one step in your screening process.  To assist you in determining what screening tools you should be using in addition to the police records check you may wish to visit the Volunteer Canada website for additional resources.  Also, the Commit to Kids website may be of assistance with training your members and /or developing policies within your organization.

TPS Police Records Check Policy and Public Education