In response to a number of recurring traffic complaints regarding motorists who engage in aggressive driving behaviors in school zones, a traffic enforcement initiative was undertaken by the Timmins Police – Traffic Section on Thursday, April 1st in key areas near McLean Drive.

Timmins Police officers focused their enforcement efforts on speeding violations and other unsafe driving practices.

A total of sixteen charges were laid for speeding violations and one other for Fail to Stop for School Bus.

The driver who had failed to stop for the school bus was determined to be a suspended driver and was charged accordingly.

The Timmins Police Service, as always, is responsive to the needs of the community in terms of public safety.

As such, their officers remain firmly committed to traffic safety and will continue to undertake measures that prove to be effective and enhance motorist and pedestrian safety in key areas identified as being prone to public complaints and related to motor vehicle collisions.

Timmins Police – Traffic Section Const. Darren McGaghran adds “Specific areas in Timmins are designated as Community Safety Zones so that motorists are made well aware of their responsibilities to drive alertly and cautiously.  Speeding, particularly in school zones, is simply unacceptable in terms of contributing to risk factors clearly identified in traffic collision data.   The Timmins Police Service is keenly aware that parents and educators expect motorists to be particularly attentive to their speed in these areas for reasons that should be obvious.            The safety of children in school zones or on school buses is enhanced when motorists adopt the necessary and compliant point of view.  Our enforcement efforts are intact and will continue in order to address and confront this type of aggressive driving.”