In light of the enacted by-law effectively reducing the speed limit within and around the connecting link construction zone in the area of Rae Hill, the Timmins Police found it necessary to conduct a speed enforcement initiative today in the affected area to inspire compliance and enhance traffic safety. The safety of the motorists traveling through the affected area, as well as the safety of the construction crews working in this area, is enhanced when the posted reduced speed limit is observed and followed. A 3 vehicle collision which occurred during the late afternoon hours of Sunday, June 23rd at the bottom of Rae Hill as well as a host of near-miss complaints by the general public and construction crew members made this initiative a necessity.
A total of 16 drivers were issued Provincial Offences Notices due to their alleged speed violations along with 3 other drivers being charged with offences under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act Four drivers had their driving comportment addressed by means of a verbal warning at the roadside. Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section officer Troy Larose adds “The speed issue persists in this area to the detriment to the workplace safety of construction crews working at this site. The expectation of leniency on the part of any motorist found speeding through this site is naïve and contrary to the best interests of the public”.
Last minute lane changes continue to lead to several near-miss situations, each one of these are deemed to be preventable in nature.
The Timmins Police Service will continue to monitor this site for speed violations with firm but fair enforcement action to follow when any violations are observed.