The Timmins Police Service responded to a call for service regarding an alleged abduction of a female person yesterday morning (March 27th) at a Waterloo Road gas station.

Concerned citizens reported the event to the police as one individual elected to follow the vehicle involved in the alleged abduction.

Acting on the information provided, responding Timmins Police officers located the subject vehicle and the persons involved a short distance from the original scene.

Both persons were temporarily detained and interviewed separately while the details of the event were collected by the Timmins Police.

The responding Timmins Police officers determined that both persons are known to each other, that no criminal act had transpired, and that the one person was acting in the best interest of the other person.

As a result of the investigation, no person was taken into custody or charged with any offence as a result of the event that had been misinterpreted as an abduction.

The Timmins Police Service acknowledges the actions taken by the concerned members of the public who lent assistance and provided useful information directly to the police in relation to the incident.

This incident inspired a false narrative of the event to circulate with undeserved traction on some social media venues, however the full, credible and accurate details were determined by means of police investigation.

The Timmins Police Service wants to assure the public that the parties involved in this incident are safe and that this incident was not, in fact, an abduction of a female person as originally reported.

The Timmins Police Service appreciates that members of the public reported the suspicious activity without delay and with considerable detail via 9-1-1 which is consistent with activity that enhances community safety.

The one concerned citizen in particular merits added recognition for his alertness and swift action in regards to the welfare of another person.