The Timmins Police Service arrested a local resident on the strength of an Arrest Warrant which was executed at a Cedar Street North address on Saturday, February 20th.

While attending to a call for service regarding a disturbance between 2 male persons, the Timmins Police Service officer recognized one of the male parties involved as being a “wanted person” named in a current Arrest Warrant held by the Timmins Police.

Once the validity of the warrant was confirmed, the subject was arrested by the Timmins Police Service.

As a result, Kerry QUACHEGAN, 34, of Timmins was arrested on the strength of the warrant.

He remained in police custody and attended a bail hearing where he was released on strict conditions including having to attend at Provincial Court in Timmins on March 3rd to answer to charges stemming from a previous incident resulting in the Arrest Warrant being issued.