The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section has received a number of traffic complaints in regard to motorists failing to obey school bus flashing red lights and stop arm at various locations throughout the city.

The obligations of motorists who are meeting or approaching a stopped school bus with its flashing red lights in use and the stop arm deployed are obvious and compelling.

Five such violations have been observed and reported to the Timmins Police in the last 4 days.

These complaints identify a dangerous driving behavior committed by certain motorists as these buses are actively involved in taking on young passengers or allowing them to disembark from the school bus safely.

Timmins Police Traffic Section officers alongside Timmins Police patrol officers will be stepping up enforcement efforts throughout the city but particularly in school areas with a special focus on the identified school areas within the city of Timmins.

The Timmins Police Service would much rather educate than prosecute motorists for an obvious breach in safe driving behavior that places children at risk.

For public safety reasons, those drivers found committing offences in relation to failing to stop for any school bus with its safety lighting in use and stop arm deployed can rightfully expect a firm response from the Timmins Police Service.

The Timmins Police view public safety as a top priority. A strict response in relation to these offences is merited and necessary to address this issue.