The Timmins Police Service is reminding residents to be wary of bears that are preparing for hibernation in our area.
With the anticipated cooler temperatures, bears are remaining quite active as they prepare for the winter season which is causing bears to wander into populated areas.
In the past weeks, the Timmins Police Service has responded to numerous calls regarding nuisance bears in the outer perimeter areas of the city.
These calls are expected to remain constant in the short term.
Residents are reminded to be careful with attractants.
Those residents who have fruit trees on their properties should be mindful that these trees act as a strong attractant for bears. Residents are reminded to pick up any fruit that may have fallen to the ground or to pick the fruit off of the trees to minimize the attractant effect caused by these trees.
As well, responsible storage of household garbage until collection day, responsible storage of pet food, and the restricted use of bird feeders are good measures that will reduce the enticement for bears to attend your property.
Further information is readily available at the applicable “bear wise” or “prevent bear encounters” information portals with the MNRF.
The Timmins Police Service encourages all residents to acquaint themselves with the information that is readily available that will serve to enhance safety and reduce the impact of this current situation.