In keeping with public safety protocol linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Timmins Police Service is restricting public access to the police station at 185 Spruce Street South.
Effective immediately, and the foreseeable time being, the Timmins Police Service facilities are subject to restricted access. This measure is deemed necessary as part of the Timmins Police Preventative Containment Strategy. From this point on, and until further notice, any person attending the Timmins Police station for whatever purpose will be asked to make use of the lobby phone to identify their need for service. The lobby phone in the entrance to the police station has been connected directly to 9-1-1 dispatch personnel.
Attendees will be required to use this phone to identify themselves and the nature of their call for service. Only those who are determined to be in need of genuine access and who meet the Covid-19 protocols will be allowed to enter the building.
It is hoped that it is understood that this is a temporary measure that the Timmins Police deem necessary for the benefit of the general public and that of Timmins Police personnel. Restoration to full access will be initiated once the current Covid-19 pandemic and its effects are considered to be benign or significantly less severe.
The public is kindly reminded that not all calls for service require that a complainant attend the police station in person. Furthermore, where deemed appropriate, a Timmins Police officer will be dispatched to the complainant’s location or address to respond to calls for service that merit this response.

Fingerprinting of charged persons or persons seeking employment where criminal record checks are required will have their issues addressed