Due to a number of persistent complaints received regarding speeding on Harold Avenue in South Porcupine, the Timmins Police Service undertook a traffic enforcement initiative on Sunday, February 14th

In all, 9 drivers were charged with speed-related offences under the Highway Traffic Act during a 6-hour span of time.

Each offence stemmed from circumstances where the respective driver was found to be traveling at a speed of no less than 26 km/h over the posted speed limit.

The Timmins Police acknowledge that none of these offences have been proven in court or have been addressed by means of a guilty plea by any of these drivers.

Nonetheless, the situation merited a significant and firm reply by the Timmins Service in order to enhance public safety in this area.

Fines fell within the $100 to $300 range depending on the speed of the driver and with applicable demerit points attached to these offences.

Timmins Police Traffic Sergeant Thomas Chypyha adds “Harold Avenue is an area with a blend of local businesses with significant vehicular and pedestrian traffic along with a large number of private residences.  Public safety in this area hinges completely on motorists strictly and conscientiously adhere to the posted speed limit.  Reaction times are significantly affected by traveling at high rates of speed in densely occupied areas where pedestrian and other vehicular traffic is expected.  Traffic safety remains a top priority with the Timmins Police Service. Each of these 9 encounters with our officers during this initiative is an attempt to educate the driver and appeal to have them address their comportment while behind the wheel.”