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Constable Trevor Southcott put the TPS translator service provider to the test on Monday, November 16th with a mock event that served as a test run for Language Line Solutions Ltd.

Two international students in the Northern College – Police Foundations program, Vikrant DHIMAN and his brother Karambir SINGH,

attended the TPS storefront office at Northern College campus to “report” a break and enter occurrence.

When confronted with the devised language barrier, Constable Southcott deployed the services of Language Line in order to offer seamless and proficient police services by the Timmins Police.

All pertinent details were collected by the officer by means of using the Language Line Solutions translator services on the office speakerphone.

The testing procedure went off without a hitch.  This will prove to be a genuine benefit for anyone requiring police assistance who does not possess the capacity to speak English.

The Timmins Police is grateful to both these students who, for a brief period of time, could not speak a word of English and assisted with the testing procedure.