Inside TPS


An intensive 5-day training session is underway at the Timmins Police Service for new 911 Communications Operators who will be certified in Emergency Fire and Emergency Police dispatch.

Training is provided by Arne Westra, a firefighter and certified Emergency Fire Dispatch Instructor from Lethbridge, Alberta.

In addition, training will be provided by Jeff Koberinski, who is an active Supervisor in the Lethbridge Alberta Public Safety Communications Center and who has over 22 years experience.

Jeff was with the RCMP officer in communications for 4 years and a police officer prior to that with a municipal police force for 4 years. Jeff is a certified Emergency Police Dispatch Instructor and we are fortunate to have him here for on-site training purposes.

Once certified, the training will continue with 3 months in-house working beside a dispatch mentor to facilitate learning all relevant computer programs, protocols and policies.

Once their training is complete they will put their skills into practice until they begin their extensive training and certification as Ambulance Communication Operators.

These new and recent hires stand to benefit from this training so that the Communications Centre at TPS is manned by those persons who have gone through optimal training opportunities.

The Timmins Police Service views this type of training as an investment in public safety.