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The Timmins Police Community Liaison Coordinator, Brenda Beaven attended the Loon Lodge Sundance site on Mahoney Road yesterday afternoon (July 30th).

While in attendance to represent the Timmins Police Service and to provide support to the organizers, she presented a cheque from Timmins Police for $500 to

Loon Lodge Sundance Chief Martin Millen to assist with operating costs for the Sundance healing ceremony.

The Sundance will be held the weekend of August 8-11 and all members of the public are welcome to attend this ceremony to become better acquainted with the cultural practices associated with the Healing process for Indigenous people.

People travel from all over the Region to participate in the Sundance to take part in these culturally relevant festivities.

In turn, Mary Boyden, Sundance partner with Martin, who share the duties of carrying the Lodge together, presented Brenda with the high honor of being presented with a traditional Ribbon Skirt,

typically worn by women at Indigenous ceremonies.  Meegwich!