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The summer is drawing to a close for 2021 and the Timmins Police bids a fond farewell to our youth ambassadors as their program has come to and end.

Aleah Miller, Brooke Gauthier, Kira McGee, and Sidney Del Guidice worked diligently at various public venues under the scrutiny of the TPS Youth Program Coordinator Alexa Madore.

This team of spirited community oriented young people tended to areas of concern brought to our attention by concerned citizens in regards to littering, graffiti, park refurbishment, and other worthwhile causes.

In keeping with their lengthy list of priorities, keeping Timmins neat and tidy proved to be a nearly full time job but a number of problem areas were addressed by the team this year.

Garbage 1 Garbage 2 Garbage 3   Garbage 6 Garbage 7

They also rolled up their sleeves and improved the esthetic appearance of key areas in Timmins that needed a little paint, elbow grease and refurbishment.

These photos show how dedicated these young and eager persons are and how they quickly learned the value of team work in regards to a job well done.

Community Living 3 Community Living 4 Community Living 5 CTCTC 1 CTCTC 2 CTCTC 3Yippies Graffiti clean up Yippies Graffiti clean up 2 Yippies Graffiti clean up 3

This team also focuses their collective efforts in regards to the Anti Hunger Coalition by indulging their “inner farmer” and tending to all things agricultural

Anti-Hunger Coalition 1 Anti-Hunger Coalition 2 Anti-Hunger Coalition 4 Anti-Hunger Coalition 5

The overall professional image of the Timmins Police Service was enhanced by making sure that front line vehicle were spic and span thanks to their individual attention to detail.

Officers took pride in the fact that their vehicle was spotless and helped project a solid public image.

Car wash 1 Car wash 3

In addition, these ambassadors of good will were regular fixtures at the city’s urban Park and helped present safety messaging to recipients of all ages.

Urban Park 1 Urban Park 2 Yipies bike safety

Their energies and dedication was recognized by senior Timmins Police officers with a season ending luncheon at the Dante Club.

Yippies last day 2021 b Yippies last day 2021

This was followed up by an informal round table discussion about what went well and what needs a little attention to maximize the benefit of this program moving forward.

The senior administration of the Timmins Police listened intently to the suggestions and feedback provided by the Youth In Policing team.

Yippies last day 2021 c Yippies last day 2021 d Yippies last day 2021 e

These may very well be future police officers as they certainly possess the “see a problem  – fix a problem” point of view.

When approached for any call for service, this team jumped right in and made considerable improvement to a lengthy list of problem areas in our community.

They did so without complaint and maintained a positive attitude and came back, day after day, recharged and ready to tackle that next priority item.

All too often, the younger generation take a bit of an unfair appraisal.

The Timmins Police saw first hand how this group worked cohesively, as a team, to remedy and repair a number of situations that merited public attention.

Cheers to this group for setting such a wonderful example