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On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, sometime just prior to 18:25 hours, a suspicious vehicle with occupants yelling sexual comments out to children was circulating in the Park Avenue (Mountjoy Twp) area.

The matter was reported to the Timmins Police Service for investigation.

As a result of the investigation, the occupants of the vehicle in question have been identified and interviewed by the investigating officer.

The investigation further revealed that the actions undertaken by the individuals in the vehicle were “prank oriented” and lacked any legitimate criminal intent.

The Timmins Police is satisfied that the event was youthful and inappropriate but there is no definitive safety concerns to the public in relation to this matter.

Each of the individuals involved have had their comportment addressed by means of a stern verbal warning issued by the Timmins Police Service, with the informed consent of their respective parent or guardian.

Having taken all relevant factors into consideration, an informal resolution was applied as the circumstances dictated that this course of action to be appropriate.

The investigation is deemed closed.  The Timmins Police Service is thankful to the public who provided assistance in regards to this matter.