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The Timmins Police Service is issuing a “Traffic Advisory” regarding required compliance with the “no left turn” obligations for east bound traffic on Wilson Avenue who are navigating through the intersection at Mountjoy Street South.

Signage in the area is clearly visible outlining how left turns for east bound traffic is prohibited at this intersection.

This requirement is deemed necessary in the short term to enhance pedestrian safety and to alleviate traffic congestion in this area during the connecting link construction phases.

Impatient or foolhardy motorists who opt to turn left off of Wilson Avenue and onto Mountjoy Street South run the risk of receiving Offence Notices that carry monetary fines and the accumulation of demerit points.

Enhanced patrols of this specific area will be undertaken to inspire full compliance.

The offence of “Improper Left Turn” under the Highway Traffic Act triggers a monetary fine and the accumulation of 2 demerit points.

The Timmins Police Service is in receipt of complaints regarding this type of offence being committed on what seems like a daily basis.

The Timmins Police is responsive to the needs of the public and individual motorists who commit this blatant type of offence can expect a firm but fair response from our police officers at the roadside.

The Timmins Police acknowledges the patience and good judgement displayed by most motorists thus far.  Continued adherence to the Highway Traffic Act and all applicable signage will enhance the ability to navigate through the detour with the least amount of delay.