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The Timmins Police Service is issuing a Traffic Advisory regarding the areas and intersections affected by the ongoing “Connecting Link” construction project currently underway in Timmins.

Areas that are experiencing particular traffic issues are:

  • the intersection of Vimy Avenue and Theriault, which is now controlled as a 4 way stop
  • the intersection of Vimy Avenue and Mountjoy Street, which is now controlled as a 3 way stop

Congestion along the detour route is worsened by those drivers who are not following the appropriately posted detour signage clearly indicating that left turns are prohibited for the time being.

These intersections along with other key locations that fall within the detour are being monitored by the Timmins Police Service.

Any motorists found to be in violation of the detour signage can rightfully expect a firm but fair response from law enforcement.

It is recommended that all motorists acquaint themselves with the confines of the detour at the following link.  This site is updated with the most current alterations to the detour.

Additionally, extra time and following distances are recommended to all motorists in regards to any operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles as established truck routes have been temporarily altered to allow for local deliveries to take place within the confines of the affected areas.

The Timmins Police acknowledges the patience and good judgement displayed by most motorists thus far.  Continued adherence to the Highway Traffic Act and all applicable signage will enhance the ability to navigate through the detour with the least amount of delay.