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The Timmins Police is issuing a Traffic Advisory in regards to a marked increase in motorists not complying with the directions provided by area crossing guards.

It stands to reason that crossing guards are in place to promote and enhance safety around school zones at key times of day.

Crossing guards are dedicated individuals focused on acting in the best interest of pedestrians who are most commonly school aged children.

A critical area of concern is the intersection of Jade Avenue and McLean Drive during the morning and mid-afternoon hours of the day when school buses are dropping off or collecting children.

At these peak times, a higher volume of traffic is most common and violations are being committed by motorists who opt to ignore or dismiss traffic control directions issued by crossing guards.

Most motorists fully comply with the direction provided to them, but a growing number of impatient or distracted motorists are failing in their obligations to operate their vehicles responsibly.

While a stronger police presence will be deployed in these identified areas, motorists should consider the use of an alternate route to avoid these high volume areas at peak hours in order to assist them in reaching their daily destinations with the least amount of delay

Those motorists who insist on maintaining their established daily routes are warned that strict enforcement is called for as the safety of children and crossing guards is at stake.

The Timmins Police appreciates the cooperation of compliant motorists and will address any violations of the Highway Traffic Act with a necessary stern approach.