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The Timmins Police Service is distributing the following messaging in the hopes that graduates and their parents have frank discussions in regards to personal safety as a number of grad parties are on the horizon.
1) Advise a trustworthy person (even a parent) of your destination, the route to be taken, and your anticipated time of return
2) Carry a fully charged cell phone for emergency calls
3) Do not carry large amounts of cash or carry expensive electronics or wear expensive jewelry to these types of social settings.
4) Do not venture home on your own. The buddy system or a quick call to your pre-arranged designated driver will serve your best interests. A best practice is to not travel alone. Walk with a trusted friend or companion
5) As always, and as tired as this message is, do not drink and drive or get into a car with a driver who has been drinking or has indulged in any other form of intoxicant. The Timmins Police Service actively patrols traffic arteries to verify driver sobriety. The local MADD Chapter echoes these sentiments. Roll the dice often enough and, sadly and eventually, you lose.
6) As much as possible, try and avoid using ATM’s later in the evening. Try to do your banking chores during daylight hours whenever possible.
7) While venturing home, use the sidewalks and crosswalks as they are commonly well lit for your safety. If you sense you are being followed, proceed directly to a well-lit area or business,
Ex – a 24 convenience store or gas station.
8) Going somewhere by car? As best you can and wherever possible, try and park your car as close to a light standard as possible. Upon your return to your vehicle, it will be well lit and potential safety concerns will be obvious.
9) Keep your street encounters brief. It’s okay to be polite, even to complete strangers, but be careful of any person you do not know who approaches you. They might ask for directions, or solicit you for cash or loose change. Tell them firmly that you cannot help them. If they persist, tell them that you are not able to help and that a law enforcement officer would be a better choice to provide assistance.
10) Avoid walking through parks and wooded areas at dusk and after dark. A little route planning will enhance your personal safety.
The Timmins Police Service takes personal safety very seriously and hopes that all grads will take the time necessary to plan things out for an evening to remember, not regret.
Grads and parents of grads are encouraged to follow these tips as best they can so that personal safety goals can be maintained.