Community Safety


With public safety in mind, the Timmins Police Service is reminding motorists of their legal obligations when approaching or coming upon any school bus with its flashing red lights activated and its STOP arm deployed.
These items are in use to allow children to safety get aboard or disembark from a school bus.
All drivers have the legal and ethical obligation to be observant and to comply with the pertinent sections of the Highway Traffic Act that apply to these situations.
Hefty fines, demerit points and, in some cases driver’s license suspensions serve as potential penalties for those who choose to disregard their driving responsibilities.
The safety of the children being transported to and from area schools is a responsibility we all share as motorists.
Recently a spate of complaints regarding motorists failing to stop for a school bus on MacLean Drive south of Victoria Avenue have been received by the Timmins Police Service.
What is particularly distressing is that one young student who is either boarding in the morning or being discharged from this bus in the afternoon is confined to a wheelchair so extra time is required for this passenger to safely make his way to and from the curb.
The traffic complaints in regards to this situation focus on bad driving behavior by other motorists between 08:25 and 08:30 the mornings and 15:15 and 15:25 hrs. in the afternoons.
Additional enforcement efforts will be deployed in this area to address this public safety issue.
The Timmins Police Service is actively involved in enhancing the level of safety for children on school buses.
Any motorist found to be contravening the applicable sections of the Highway Traffic Act regarding having to come to a complete stop while a school bus is either taking on passengers or allowing them to disembark will be charged accordingly.
Local children and the Timmins Police Service are counting on all area motorists to adopt the necessary responsible attitude to enhance traffic safety in regards to school buses.