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The Timmins Police Service is making a public appeal in regard to motorists who, it appears, are chronically speeding on rural roads within the city of Timmins.
Residents in certain identified areas are being subjected to unnecessary risk as they indulge in afternoon or evening walks with their children or pets along the sides of their rural roadways by drivers traveling at excessive rates of speed. For the most part, these are gravel roadways where speeding vehicles tend to spur up flying rocks as they meet or overtake these pedestrians. Some of these residents have children with special needs and have been cooped up (like a lot of us) due to Covid so the benefits of these afternoon or evening walks are crucial. Areas of particular concern are Government Road North, Jaguar Road North, Sandy Falls Road, and the northern extension of Shirley Street. It can certainly be argued that an increased police presence and strict enforcement of speed violations will go a long way to remedy the situation. As always, the Timmins Police Service would rather educate than have to prosecute; inspire adherence rather than have to testify against a charged person in open court.

With the above in mind, the Timmins Police is seeking the public’s cooperation in regards to sharing all roadways in a responsible fashion, especially when meeting or passing a pedestrian on gravel roadways.
Conversely and in direct comparison, complaints of this nature are rare in regards to areas such as Leclair Avenue (Kamiskotia) or on Ferguson Road (Porcupine) or Finn Road (Barber’s Bay).          Perhaps there is a stronger sense of community in these areas.

In any event, the Timmins Police are aware of concerns brought to their attention regarding this issue.
Motorists found to be traveling at excessive speeds in these areas can rightfully expect a firm but fair response from the police officer tasked with addressing unsafe and obviously self-indulgent and discourteous driving behavior
Public safety, and that of pedestrians, is our responsibility but it is one we share with every single driver in our area.