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The Timmins Police Service is in receipt of a reported incident involving the exchange of information and images online which has escalated into allegations of extortion and uttering threats.
The matter is currently under investigation by the Timmins Police Service.
Based on the nature of the allegations, the Timmins Police finds it necessary to issue a Public Advisory in regards to being mindful, aware, and cautious in regards to internet interactions.
The Timmins Police urge local citizens to be mindful that any online interactions involving the exchange of personal information or discreet images is inherently precarious and can lead to awkward, embarrassing, or even menacing situations.
Given the often ambiguous nature of the identity of persons who engage in online interactions, the willful forwarding of personal information or images is frequently an exchange between the sender and a complete stranger, who may not have the sender’s best interests in mind.
Caution and good judgement is called for in these circumstances.
Once information or images have been sent, the sender has no reasonable expectation that the recipient will use the information or the images for their intended purpose, which can result in distressing situations.
The Timmins Police recommend consulting the following link for further protective advice
Parents are urged to educate, warn, and remind their children of the definite perils attached to any casual or overly trusting exchanges via the internet. See the following link:
Anyone with information about persons engaging in any illicit internet activity is encouraged to report the matter to the Timmins Police at 705-264-1201, or to call in their information to the Crime Stoppers tip line of 1-800-222-8477 or by means of