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The Timmins Police Service is in the midst of digesting recent traffic speed data collected recently by its speed measuring display unit which had been deployed at key locations on Harold Avenue from June 8th to the 15th forming part of a larger traffic study.

The data has been broken down, studied and analyzed in order to bolster deployment of enforcement resources in this area.

As well, the Timmins Police take note of the fact that out of the 15,720 vehicles whose speed was successfully captured, 14,392 of those drivers travelled at a speed that is in excess of the posted speed limit.

This translates to an average of 91.5% of vehicles travelling on Harold Avenue do so in excess of the speed limit.

It was also noted that one driver elected by choice to drive at a speed of 127 km/h in this area.

Given the overall residential setting, this is clearly an exceptionally dangerous form of driving that also skews the data to a certain degree.

This trend is disappointing and must be addressed in order to enhance safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists using this roadway

This area is commonly identified as being problematic area in terms of the volume of traffic complaints received concerning vehicular speed, tailgating and other forms of aggressive driving.

Local home owners, pedestrians, parents of high school students, cyclists, and business owners who make daily use of Harold Avenue have long complained about vehicular traffic issues and the recent data gives credence to their point of view.

In the past, Traffic Services officers and platoon officers from the Timmins Police Service have conducted regular targeted enforcement along this artery and have achieved some measure of improvement in compliance however it is clear that it is only a short term effect.

When enforcement is re-directed to manage other areas of concern, traffic tends to resort back to previously noted forms of aggressive driving.

In addition to other remedies being considered by officials with the City of Timmins, enhanced and targeted enforcement efforts will be undertaken and will continue to be undertaken as a public safety initiative.

“All forms of aggressive driving adversely affect our personal sense of safety.  Timmins Police officers are consistently alert to unsafe driving behaviors while on patrol.  These efforts are heightened during Canada Road Safety Week but the attitude of local drivers must be addressed in order for it to change for the better.” according to Timmins Police Service – Traffic Sergeant Thomas Chypyha