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With the warmer weather taking hold, an increase in pedestrian and bicycle traffic is to be expected throughout the entire city of Timmins.

Residents in the Florence Street, Division Street, and the Remembrance Road area of Porcupine have noted that, at key times of day, a significant number of motorists are neglecting their responsibility at the wheel when it applies to coming to a complete and safe stop at intersections controlled by STOP signs in these areas.

As a result, enhanced patrols of these areas are currently underway to promote compliance with the Highway Traffic Act as it applies to coming to a complete stop.

The Timmins Police is fully aware that Florence Street is the artery most commonly used to access local mining interests located north of Porcupine with a large amount of employees coming to and from the worksite on a daily basis.

It is apparent that a false premise has taken hold where motorists are comfortable placing public safety aside in order to reach a given destination on time.

The residents in this area who have young children or elderly relatives rightfully do not share this point of view and are depending on the Timmins Police to address this chronic issue as firmly as possible.

Motorists found to be in breach of the pertinent section of the Highway Traffic Act risk significant fines and the accumulation of demerit points for such violations.

The issuance of warnings to persons failing to come to a complete stop in residential areas is not a viable or reasonable prospect and runs contrary to the expected comportment of drivers.