Community Safety

Residents warned against e-mail and telephone scams

Recent reports to police have indicated that e-mail and telephone scams are still occurring in our community.

Police have received a report of a relatively new e-mail scam in which the complainant receives a threatening e-mail or text message with the subject line “LIVE OR DIE?”  In the e-mail, the sender claims to be a hit man who has been paid to kill the recipient, unless money is handed over. This has been identified as a ‘phishing’ scam, in which the sender is attempting to gather personal information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or passwords.

Other frauds such as the “Grandparent scam” are still occurring as well. In this instance, individuals call the would-be victim, impersonating a grandchild or loved one, stating they are in trouble and funds are needed. The sender then convinces the victim to wire funds to a specific account.

The Timmins Police Service continues to advise residents not to disclose personal information through the phone, or email. Even if emails are received from organizations that appear legitimate, for example a bank or tax agency, the public is advised to verify the legitimacy of the email, or simply delete the email without responding.

Fraudsters continue to grow more creative in attempting to de-fraud individuals. Please be aware and remain vigilant in protecting personal and financial information.

An example of a text message received as part of the “Live or Die” scam.