In light of recent loosening of Covid-19 restrictions by the province of Ontario, the Timmins Police Service is set to re-open its front doors and allow for the resumption of “walk-in’ service at the front reception area of the Timmins Police station.

Restricted and screened access will be gradually removed commencing on the morning of Friday, July 17th.

Upon entering the police station, attendees will be required to make use of the hand sanitizer station and adhere to the “one way” direction of travel by following the social distancing floor markings to the reception area for service.

Those persons requiring entry beyond the front reception area will be screened by means of a brief Covid-19  questionnaire before being allowed to proceed any further.

It should also be noted that the Porcupine Health Unit’s (PHU) directive regarding the mandatory use of masks will apply to the Timmins Police station as of Thursday, July 23rd.

Additionally, the Timmins Police will be resuming all forms of police criminal checks as of July 17th.

Those persons attending the police station for routine “walk-in” service at any time after July 23rd will be directed to leave the premises if they are not wearing a mask as required.

Urgent or emergency situations requiring an immediate response will be managed accordingly in order to meet the needs of persons in distress.

The Timmins Police Service appreciates the continued levels of cooperation displayed by all attendees affected by these recent restrictions and other measures deemed necessary to enhance public health concerns and to be in compliance with Covid-19 mitigation efforts.