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In the spirit of inclusion and continuous learning, Timmins Police officers recently completed an In-Service Training session involving a presentation by the staff

and special guest residents from CTRC and Community Living – Timmins.

There are ten residential group homes managed by Cochrane Temiskaming Resource Centre and seven group homes managed by Community Living, mos of which fall under the jurisdiction of the Timmins Police Service.

There have been approximately 285 calls for service at these residences since 1997 so the need to have a more sincere appreciation for a sensitive and thoughtful approach by the Timmins Police

was explored based on the training presentation.

These residences support clients with developmental and intellectual disabilities ranging in age from eighteen to eighty-one years of age.

The training provided the opportunity for officers to learn about the unique challenges and regulations faced by employees and residents in each of the group homes.

The training forged an understanding of how Police and staff can work together, to resolve issues, when the police are required to attend the group homes in response to any given call for service.

Open dialogues, informal conversations and the sharing of information were greatly appreciated by the CTRC and Community Living presenters.

On an ongoing basis, the Timmins Police Service continues to explore viable ways to better respond to the community it serves.