The Timmins Police Service is issuing a Public Advisory in regards to an incident involving an alleged sexual assault in South Porcupine that had been reported to them on November 23rd.

The matter in question has been thoroughly investigated by the Timmins Police – Criminal Investigations Division.

Based on the outcome of that investigation, the Timmins Police Service wish to report that the matter has been determined to be unfounded and no threat to public safety existed or continues to exist.

The Timmins Police Service is keenly aware that this matter has received a significant amount of unwarranted attention on social media platforms which has caused a measurable amount of public anxiety.

The Timmins Police Service has determined that there is no validity to the initial allegation and deem this investigation to be a closed matter requiring no further police action.

As always, the Timmins Police Service recommends that any posts on social media from non-accredited sources should be viewed as unconfirmed speculation.