Attached are some photos of Timmins Police Service’s Constable Rick Lemieux and his recent initiative with the Distracted Driving Simulator display.

This unit is designed to re-enact, as realistically as possible, “real world” driving situations where the driver is asked to text or use their cell phone at the same time.

The results are dramatic and hopefully provide a lasting message for the test participants.

This simulator unit costs $800.00 and is the result of a partial donation by Glencore (Kidd Operations) and the local DARE program.

It is intended to reach the target demographic of younger or novice drivers with a strong and meaningful message of the perils attached to distracted driving.

Younger drivers are over-represented in traffic collision statistics where the common causal factor is an element of distraction due to handheld communication devices.

The Timmins Police Service hopes to deploy this simulator as often as it can at various public venues (Police Week, school functions, college open houses ) in the hopes that the message resonates with the younger driving population.

The Timmins Police Service is also focusing on the mature driving population who tend to overestimate their abilities to multi-task (text and drive) with an overreliance on their years of driving experience.

Experience does not exempt anyone from the potentially fatal realities attached to distracted driving.

Driving is a cognitive function and requires all your mental acuity and attention to reach a destination safely.

Test participants, regardless of their age, stand to learn a significant lesson about just how fast things go wrong at the wheel when they engage in texting while driving.