The Timmins Police Service – Community Policing Section hosted the culmination of the annual “Build a Bike” campaign at the police station today.
In its continuing efforts to engage with local youth, and as a meaningful way of rewarding local children for their community-oriented efforts, the Timmins Police, in partnership with the Timmins Canadian Tire franchise undertook the Build a Bike program again this year.
In essence, this program motivates and inspires civility in school, politeness at home, and gestures of community service among local youngsters between the ages of 10 and 12 to perform various “good deeds” in return for a reward in the form of a brand new bike.
Each completed task is recorded and inspires goodwill and a sense of accomplishment along with the notion that they are one step closer to achieving their goal of being eligible to receive a new bike. Call it “positive reinforcement” but this is a fundamental example of Community Policing undertaken by the Timmins Police Service to inspire local youth to take charge of their behavior and contribute in a meaningful way to their community
The chosen youths attended the Timmins Museum site today to collect litter, doing their part to beautify the city and make an area likely to be visited by tourists as visually appealing as possible.
They received their “just rewards” today in terms of brand new bikes and bike helmets. The senior administration of the Timmins Police Service commend these fine young citizens for a job well done.