Under threatening skies, a significant number of Timmins Police Service officers and TPS Auxiliaries lent their support to local Special Olympians in terms of participating in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run.

The participants gathered at YIGS at 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and joined law enforcement colleagues from the OPP and Sault Ste Marie Police Service.

Brief but important speeches from event organizers and Inspector Dinel set the tone for a fun run to raise awareness and funds for local athletes who compete in Special Olympics events.

It should be noted that only the Timmins Police Service had representation from its Senior Administration at any of the events throughout Northeastern Ontario.

The trek was windy but raindrop free as participants legged out the trek down Hwy 655 to Ross Street and continuing to Toke Street making their way back to the ambulance bays on Algonquin Blvd.

The Timmins Police Service has enjoyed a lengthy, prosperous, and mutually beneficial relationship with Special Olympians from Timmins and area.

TPS should take pride in the fact that they are able to continue to support such a fine group of accomplished local Special Olympians.

These fine young men and women use their physical achievements at events on the provincial, national, and international field of competition.

Their achievements serve as an example of their abilities in terms of, not only strength and skill but of perseverance and self-confidence as well.

These athletes have a genuine understanding of good-natured competition while representing the city of Timmins and area with distinction.

All police officers seek to be an example for others to follow in terms of decency and good citizenship.

Police officers with the Timmins Police Service draw their inspiration from the Special Olympians from Timmins.

Their continued enthusiasm is contagious.   The Timmins Police Service is 100% behind these athletes in their efforts for athletic achievement.

Athletes, coaches, parents, siblings and other supporters are entitled to take pride in their contributions as representatives of Timmins and area.

Their hard work is an inspiration.  Their good-natured attitude is commendable.

Each of them is wished continued success in whatever sport or activity that they compete in.

These athletes always do the city of Timmins proud.  The Timmins Police are right behind them, and in this case, right beside them.