The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section has received a number of traffic complaints in regards to motorists failing to come to a complete stop, or not stopping in any way, at the intersection of Moore Street and Golden Avenue in South Porcupine.

Timmins Police Traffic Section officers alongside Timmins Police patrol officers will be diligently monitoring this intersection which is clearly controlled by the use of a 4 way STOP sign system in place and clearly visible.

Depending on the time of day, this intersection is used by seniors and other pedestrians including children making their way to and from schools in this area.

Enforcement efforts will be used to curtail this type of driving behavior and enhance public safety.

The Timmins Police Service would much rather educate than prosecute motorists for an obvious breach in safe driving behavior that places motorists and pedestrians at risk.

Moving forward, those drivers found committing this type of offence in relation to failing to stop at this intersection which is controlled by clearly visible STOP signs can rightfully expect a firm response from the Timmins Police Service.

The Timmins Police view traffic safety as a top priority.  The Timmins Police Service is accountable to the public who have made a number of complaints in regards to this safety issue.

A strict response in relation to these offences is called for to address this issue.