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The Timmins Police Service – Criminal Investigations Division completed its investigation into an incident involving the discharge of a firearm that has resulted in a 9 year custodial sentence for a 31 year old Innisfil, Ontario man.

In keeping with a break and enter occurrence during the early morning hours of October 31st  of 2020, Timmins Police Service officers initiated a traffic stop of an SUV on Bannerman Avenue with 3 adult occupants within.

Based on their initial findings, the officers were in the midst of detaining the occupants as part of investigative detention to determine their level of criminal involvement when one of the male occupants, Warren ABLE, 31 of Innisfil, initiated a physical altercation with one of the officers where he produced a handgun and fired at both officers.

Acting in self-defence, one of the officers returned fire, wounding the aggressor and successfully halting the attempts to murder the police officers.

As a result, the male subject was transported to the Timmins and District Hospital for medical treatment.

A quantity of controlled substances and Canadian currency with a total value of $35,950.00 was located in the vehicle as the investigation continued.

The other male occupant, Javell JACKSON, 27 of Toronto, managed to flee the scene and escape from the Timmins area.  This person was apprehended recently by a southern Ontario police agency and faced charges stemming from occurrences in that jurisdiction.

On August 11th, JACKSON pled guilty to a singular count of Fail to Comply with Release Order as well as an offence from another jurisdiction and received a 45 day custodial sentence accompanied by a 3 year probation order.

As a result of the ensuing investigation, Yasmin SANTOS, a 23 year old woman from North York was charged with Fail to Comply with Release Order contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.

The charge against SANTOS remains before the Ontario Court of Justice in Timmins.

Based on pleas of guilt, Warren ABLE, 31, of Innisfil has been sentenced to a 9 year custodial sentence based on convictions for charges of:

– Discharge a Restricted Firearm with Intent to Prevent Detention contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada

– Possession of a Firearm while Prohibited contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada

– Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking contrary to the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

In addition to the custodial sentence, ABLE received a lifetime weapons prohibition.

All controlled substances, the firearm used in the commission of the offence, ammunition, and Canadian currency was forfeited to the Crown.

The Timmins Police deem this to be a closed file in regards to this occurrence.