It’s not every day that a member of the community takes it upon themselves to show their appreciation for the efforts of the Timmins Police Service and its officers.

Yesterday, while returning to the office from practical ERT training exercises, Const Robin Carter was approached by a young man who insisted on buying a coffee for the entire “team”.

The gesture was appreciated and despite efforts to politely decline, the young man would not take “no thank you”  for an answer.

One good deed deserves another so the ERT officers held an impromptu tour of the TPS Mobile Command Post for their benefactor.

“Brayden” was also allowed to don ERT safety equipment and complete a brief Q and A with the officers who he holds in high esteem.

The following is an excerpt from a follow-up e-mail received from the boy’s mother.

“Sgt. Carter,

Thank you SO much for your kindness with Brayden…it meant a lot to him and to me. Hope this kind of gesture happens more often to all of you…you certainly deserve our gratitude.

More people appreciate you all more than you know.

I will send you the picture we took. You can really see the kindness in all of you…your eyes, smiles and even your energy is so compassionate and I feel like each of you serve from your hearts.

Meeting you guys and you accepting the gift-not a big gift, but so glad you received it;) this made our day…even our week!!

Thank you. Please know that we send lots of love and positive energy to keep you all safe and healthy.

Have a beautiful evening!!”

picture with kid that bought us coffee

The work completed and the manner in which police officers comport themselves is obviously noticed and appreciated.