Timmins Central Ambulance Communications Centre

Timmins Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC) provides emergency medical communications services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Timmins CACC is part of the Timmins Police Service 911 Communications Centre.

The CACC is staffed by a group of dedicated Ambulance Communications Officers (ACOs) trained in call reception and dispatching of ambulances.

Mission Statement

As the first point of contact for medical emergencies, we help save lives by providing a quick and efficient emergency response. We are a vital link to emergency services and provide high quality seamless service throughout our catchment area.

Value Statement

We are a team of highly trained professionals who take control in difficult and stressful situations, providing reassurance and compassion for people in distress.

Service Commitment Statement

Timmins Central Ambulance Communications Centre will strive to provide the highest level quality of service in accordance with the Ambulance Act, the Manual of Practice and the Key Performance Standards Quality Assurance Program.

Timmins Central Ambulance Communications Centre will react and respond to all emergency requests for ambulance service (emergent priority 4 calls) within two (2) minutes or less 90% of the time.

A Communications Service T0 to T2 time (call answered to crew notified) will be no greater than two minutes on Code 4 calls.

Response Time Performance Plan

Service will give notice within two minutes of the time a request is received with respect to sudden cardiac arrest patients or other patients categorized as CTAS1.