Community Safety

Police officer greeting kids on bicycles.The Timmins Police Service is committed to working with the community to achieve our goals. Some policing priorities for our service include Youth, Drugs/Organized Crime, Social Issues, Traffic and Serious Crimes. In order to have true impact in these areas, the Timmins Police Service will engage in an overall strategy of crime reduction. We will proactively concentrate our energies on the habitual offenders, high crime and motor vehicle crash areas and crime causation. In doing so, we will be striving for long-term, sustainable crime reduction in our communities.

This intelligence lead approach will ensure we are making the most of our police resources, as we work to maximize the impact on crime. We will also become more involved in the various agencies and groups within our communities by creating working agreements to better address the needs of our citizens. We will also be developing a comprehensive communication strategy to keep the communities we serve aware of policing issues and trends.

We understand that the public plays an important role in keeping our neighbourhoods safe. We remain committed to the philosophy of Community Policing, emphasizing our need to continue to involve and become involved with the communities we serve.

We will continue to work closely with other local service providers and identify
opportunities to build further relationships.