Become a Police Constable


The process to becoming a police officer in Ontario starts with Applicant Testing Services. Through ATS, potential candidates will complete a series of tests through several different stages to completion. Once all testing is completed through ATS, the candidate will receive an OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) Certificate of Results. Once the Certificate of Results is completed, the candidate can then apply to become a Police Constable with any police service in Ontario.

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After your application, including your Certificate of Results, and any applicable application forms are received by the Timmins Police Service, you may be called for an interview. The interview will take place with a panel of several officers.

Once you’ve successfully completed the interview portion, an in-depth background check and a psychological evaluation will be completed. If all components are successfully completed, the candidate will receive an offer of employment.

Before beginning work as a Timmins Police Officer, cadets will attend the Ontario Police College for 12 weeks of training. Once back in Timmins, newly appointed constables will then be placed with a Coach Officer for several weeks in order to gain experience and additional training.


The following forms are Self-assessment forms, designed to help candidates decide whether a career in policing is for them. They are not required for any application process.

Medical self-assessment form – ENGLISH/Medical self-assessment form – FRENCH

Orientation and pre-test guide – English / Orientation and pre-test guide – French